Affordable Housing


The Working Centre invites your help to make supportive, sustainable, and affordable housing available in our community.

We can work together to make supportive, sustainable, and affordable housing available in our community.

Homelessness results from substandard housing options combined with the realities of relationship breakdowns, mental health issues, and addictions. People walk the streets rather than being confined to places where they are not welcome. The alternative is supportive housing that offers the opportunity to maintain a long-term home.

Over the last 20 years, The Working Centre has renovated or purchased 35 units of supportive housing. Last fall, we acted decisively to add a further 18 units. We have been saving money towards this goal, carefully gathered through frugal budgeting and a commitment to direct our resources towards identified community needs. Our plan is to create units that are debt free, allowing us to use revenue generated through affordable rents to provide housing supports for the units.

In September 2014, we purchased 256 King Street East to convert the rooming units on the second floor into 8 one-bedroom units. When the Region of Waterloo announced its Affordable Housing grant, we saw the opportunity to combine these units with the purchase of a 4-plex and 6-plex.

Our goal is to garner community support to raise $1Million to support The Working Centre’s efforts to create affordable, supportive housing in our community. This amount is complemented by The Working Centre’s resources, and funding provided through the Region of Waterloo’s Affordable Housing Strategy. 

Raising $1Million will give us the means to purchase and renovate 18 units of housing, and ensure that resources are available to create additional housing units by rebuilding our housing reserve.  It will also provide additional capacity to support mental health, emotional, and addiction issues experienced by residents.

All of the new units will be single-person apartments. We have learned that this is the type of housing that best meets the needs of the population we serve.  As we do with our other housing units, when new units become available, we will collaborate with outreach workers from partner agencies to house those in our community who are most in need.

Our affordable rents will include utilities, telephone and other amenities. The rental income will be used to provide support to our tenants. A Housing Support Worker will support tenants to maintain their housing, and to navigate challenges that emerge.

The Working Centre accomplishes renovations by involving workers from our own programs in all steps of the renovation process. This creates work opportunities for people who are often left out of the labour market, and makes this project a true community effort.

Your contribution towards our capital campaign makes this sustainable model of affordable housing possible.

Help give those without housing more options for finding housing that becomes a home.


Words from our Campaign Co-Chairs

"It's not just about building walls, it's about providing the practical daily supports that help people stay housed." – Marianne and Jim Erb

"The Working Centre's model of revitalizing downtown buildings is cost-effective, allowing growth and utilizing space in the core." – Jim and Sue Hallman


Ways You Can Help

  • Consider your own gift.
  • Grow our circle of support by inviting friends, family members, and groups that you are a part of to make a contribution.
  • Keep your eyes and ears open for announcements about upcoming events.
  • Think creatively with us. The Working Centre is creating alternative housing options that reflect the stated needs of the people we serve. Do you have something unique that you can offer? We invite conversation and collaboration.

To talk more about these ideas, please contact our Campaign Co-Chairs and Heather Montgomery (contact details below).


Ways to Give

  • To donate by cash or cheque, please bring or send gifts to The Working Centre, 58 Queen St. South, Kitchener, ON. N2G 1V6.
  • For gifts up to $1,000, you can donate online by clicking the "donate" button at the bottom of this page.
  • For gifts over $1000, please contact Heather Montgomery.

Gifts of $1,000 or more will receive a signed copy of Joe and Stephanie Mancini's new book Transition to Common Work.


For more conversation, please contact our Campaign Co-Chairs and Heather Montgomery:

(519) 743-1151 x 136


To learn more about The Working Centre's supportive, sustainable, and affordable housing model, click here to view our flyer.