The Bauer Kitchen Donates to The Working Centre through Arts Based Twitter Campaign

Last fall the Bauer Kitchener and Paul Kalbfleisch collaborated on a Twitter Campaign to raise money for The Working Centre.  The idea was simple, 'Tweet What’s Under Your Feet'.  People were asked to take a photo of art-under-their-feet and tweet it to The Bauer Kitchen.  For each picture posted to Twitter in this campaign, the Bauer Kitchen donated $1.00 to The Working Centre.

The idea was born around the photography and attitude of photographer, Paul Kalbfleisch.  Paul had an expo running at the same time at the Bauer Kitchen. Vibrant images of manhole covers support his overarching concept: "look differently at the things you never see”.  Paul felt that The Working Centre and the people we work with are often overlooked -much like the everyday art represented in his photographs - and invited people to consider a fresh perspective. 

Our sincere thanks to Paul Kalbfleisch and The Bauer Kitchen who raised $450 for The Working Centre.