Community Access Bikeshare


Support for Community Access Bikeshare helps us to build this practical and exciting model of bike sharing for Kitchener Waterloo (which serves as a model for other communities of a similar size). Members share a pool of bikes located in multiple locations aligned with the transit system. Community members share this resource in common which helps to:

  • Provide 60 shared bikes in multiple locations
    across Kitchener Waterloo
  • Make bicycles accessible and affordable
  • Encourage active and healthy living and build the cycling culture in Waterloo Region
  • Create a community project that brings together people from all walks of life.

We are developing a self-sustaining model of bike sharing that depends on membership fees and advertising on the bicycles. As this model grows, we will be depending on grants and donations to purchase and test the technology, to purchase the bicycles, to develop the locations, and to engage community partners.

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