Community Tools Projects


The Working Centre hosts an exciting concept of Community Tools - projects that are designed to bring people together cooperatively to recycle, re-purpose, or create useful goods or services.  Volunteers practice new skills, that provide quality goods at an affordable price, including ways to get around, nutritious food, furniture, clothing, and welcoming community spaces.

These projects are designed as Social Enterprise projects - they work to create an income that contributes towards the frugal costs of sustaining the project.  But we are not trying to function as business designed to make a profit.  Our priority is to support people involved in the projects - volunteers, neighbours, visitors - and to ensure the goods are affordable for people who might not otherwise be able to access these resources.

We are a community of frugal innovators - your donation helps to make this possible.  We work to harness this innovation in creative ways that reflect the integrity that guides our work.

Our communities can benefit from developing places where people have access to tools in order to support local producing and trading.

Donations to our Community Tools projects are made to The Working Centre fund, which supports these creative community projects.

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