Donations in Honour of Duff


Our dear friend Duff died unexpectedly on Saturday, December 29th, 2018. Duff's gregarious and welcoming presence will be deeply missed.  He was a force of nature: he wore his heart on his sleeve and was a straight talker who loved deeply.  He relentlessly welcomed people, greeted people, connected people, and wove together diverse people in community - as was his nature. He was a big part of making the Queen Street Commons the place that it is and we hope to continue to learn from Duff and to keep his spirit in our spaces and in our work.

Here are some ways to join us in remembering Duff:

  • One of the community boards at the Queen Street Commons Cafe is dedicated to pictures, stories, memories of Duff.  Please feel free to drop in and add to this collection.
  • For the month of January at the Queen Street Commons Cafe we are serving the Duff Special: Potato Casserole and a Guilt Free Size Brownie.
  • The family is holding a visitation at Henry Walser Funeral Home - here is a link to the obituary on their website -
  • There will also be a community celebration of DuffOn February 1st, 2019 a memorial service will be held at St. John's Kitchen, followed by a walk through the downtown, and a barbecue at the Kitchener Market.
  • If you know Duff, you know that he was passionate about Affordable Housing.  Have you heard the interview on CBC radio where Duff talks about the importance of housing and his own experience of finding housing?  Here is the link to this interview -
  • The family was gracious in suggesting donations to The Working Centre in memory of Duff. With this in mind, we are dedicating all donations made in Duff's honour to our work supporting the creation of new Affordable Housing units in our community.  You can make a donation here on our website, or you can drop off donations to The Working Centre and/or the Queen Street Commons Cafe.

Let’s celebrate together and keep alive the gift of Duff’s spirit and his way of weaving people together.