Fruit Trees


Growing Fruit Trees at the Hacienda Sarria Market Garden

Since 2011 The Working Centre has been growing an array of fruit trees at our Hacienda Sarria Market Garden.  In the garden's first year we planted over 40 trees, including varieties of apple, peach, pear, cherry, and plum.  In subsequent years we added more trees and fruiting shrubs, including serviceberry, hazelnut, blueberry, blackberry, elderberry, currants, hardy kiwi, and mulberry.  In 2015 we had our first significant harvests – with the apples and peaches doing particularly well.

Our fruit trees are driving us to learn continuously and to work with the flow of the seasons. As the trees have matured, their need for pollination has motivated us to adopt bee-friendly methods. Volunteer gardeners and staff members have worked diligently over the years to ensure that these trees receive the care they need to thrive and be productive.  After 6 years the garden community has gained a great deal of knowledge about fruit production and we are ready to begin a new phase of fruit growing in the gardens.

How Your Donations Can Contribute

Your donations will contribute to building the number and diversity of the trees in our urban gardening projects.

As we see more community members and groups responding to our invitation to participate in this project, we want to create wider opportunities for volunteers to enjoy and learn about small-scale fruit cultivation.

We are particularly excited to add a row of Paw Paw trees to the property – a delicious specialty fruit that is native to North America.  We also hope to add several more apple, plum, pear, cherry, and peach trees.  Trees range in price from $20 to $50.