Hacienda Market Garden


The Hacienda Sarria Market Garden brings together a combination of Social Enterprise and a practical volunteer-driven project that demonstrates, promotes and shares knowledge about urban food production.  Located in a beautiful urban setting, this garden produces plentiful, delicious food that is being enjoyed by local restaurants, St. John’s Kitchen, Maurita’s Kitchen, and the volunteers who help to sustain the project.

We are working towards this becoming a self-sustaining project – can we demonstrate how producing local food can also support the basic infrastructure of this volunteer-based project?
It will take us a couple of years to practice and demonstrate how this is possible.

Your donation can help us to cover some of the basic start-up costs of this project, and some of the costs of sustaining this project over the initial 2 or 3 years.  The Hacienda Sarria invested in the soil, the compost and the construction of the garden beds to make this project possible.  By adding the pathways, the watering system, the cooler, and by hiring Job Café workers, we have worked to create a beautiful place that celebrates urban gardening, which benefits from (and with) the volunteer and paid labour of the people who help to make this project a community engagement effort.

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