Mayors' Dinner

The Working Centre Mayors' Dinner


The 2023 Mayors Dinner has finished.  Thank you for your involvement.

We hope to see you at the Mayors Dinner again next year.


The Mayors' Dinner has a 34-year history of recognizing and celebrating people who have made a significant contribution to our community.

The strength of the Mayors’ Dinner has always been our ability to come together in community, for community. 

And this year we will gather to recognize creative community responses to homelessness.

  • We will highlight stories of people who have acted into these issues as we build a community where everyone has a place to live.
  • Real change will only happen as we each contribute in meaningful ways.

We invite you to become involved by purchasing tickets, Sponsorship, or a Community table for your group, company or church. 

All proceeds from the Mayors’ Dinner support The Working Centre.

This year we are also hosting a “Reclaim Social” auction.  As we come back to gathering in public spaces, we are celebrating the act of reclaiming "social".

Our auction highlights packages that help us to gather with friends.

The Online Auction has now ended.

Donations are still welcome and appreciated:  Donate to The Working Centre. Thank you for your support.