The Working Centre


The Working Centre is an integrated community of practical supports and dynamic enterprises that creatively walk with people living on a low income, as we together develop new ways to respond to emergent issues in K-W.  We invite you to donate to help make this work possible (nearly half of our income is through donations and enterprises):

  • An array of over 35 projects weave together to provide the right supports at the right time.
  • Over 1,500 people per day engage these projects, as we work with kindness to respond to complex issues.
  • We have a really low overhead – we are frugal and innovative, so your donation goes directly to making this work possible.

A donation to The Working Centre allows us to direct your donation to where it is needed most! 

Click here to read our annual fundraising letter outlining the extensive work we are doing in response to important issues in our community.

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A donation to The Working Centre is a thoughtful and practical way to honour our community, celebrate a milestone, or memorialize someone. Click on the 'Donate' button to explore these options further.

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