Celebrations: Honour significant moments through a donation


Donations to The Working Centre can:

  • Honour a key milestone, birthday or anniversary
    for someone you know
  • Invite others to make a donation as a way to recognize a significant moment in your own life
    - a wedding, a birthday, a retirement or an
  • Make a gift in honour of a friend or family

Here's how we can acknowledge the donation:

  • A card can be sent (either to you, or directly to your friend) that acknowledges your donation.
  • We would be willing to create an event-specific landing page on our website to acknowledge your event - we can include pictures, a direct link to the Working Centre project you would like to support, a message from you to your friends - you can help us to create the content
    of this page.
  • We can participate in an event or celebration if it helps to build awareness or connection.
  • We would be happy to hear about other ideas you may have. 

Thank you for considering donating to The Working Centre in this creative and thoughtful way.  Feel welcome to connect with Kara by phone (519) 743-1151 x119 or email kara@theworkingcentre.org for more conversation about giving in celebration.  

A donation to The Working Centre is a thoughtful and practical way to honour our community, celebrate a milestone, or memorialize someone. Click on the 'Donate' button to explore these options further.

I would like to make a donation in Celebration of a Significant Milestone, Event, or Person: