Regular Donations


Many of the donations received by The Working Centre are humble donations made by people who think thoughtfully about making a contribution.  We offer a donation option where you can make a regular donation (monthly, twice a year, etc.) that fits into your spending capacity.

Follow the steps through the on-line donations process to register a regular donation amount.  If you prefer, we also accept post-dated cheques and cash them as you direct.

This website helps you to set up a regular/repeating donation amount. 

If you wish to cancel a regular donation, we ask you to call us directly at (519) 743-1151 x111 to request a cancellation - we have opted not to save personal information on this site to protect your privacy.

We appreciate your generosity.

A donation to The Working Centre is a thoughtful and practical way to honour our community, celebrate a milestone, or memorialize someone. Click on the 'Donate' button to explore these options further.

I would like to make a Regularly Occuring Donation.