Small Donations Matter


The Working Centre is an organization supported significantly by small donations.  Good Work News has a mailing list of about 10,000 people - many of these have made small donations or contributions to our work.  This is the core of our strength. 

Don't get us wrong - we don't discourage larger donations, but we have long since recognized that our work resonates most with people who can make regular and humble donations.  We appreciate and respect the generosity of people who share with us to make our work possible.

Sharing is one of the core concepts that form the foundation of our work.  We share generously with others, and we invite the community to do the same with us.  By responding with kindness and generosity, it seems that we spread the ideas that cultivate community. 

Please know that we invite and appreciate every donation - be it the donation of time or of money.  All are needed to build the kinds of community spaces that welcome each person, each day.

A donation to The Working Centre is a thoughtful and practical way to honour our community, celebrate a milestone, or memorialize someone. Click on the 'Donate' button to explore these options further.

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