Further Conversation

Do you have an idea for something you would like to support?

Many Working Centre projects start as someone else's ideas; they come to roost within the integrated projects at The Working Centre.  The Psychiatric Outreach Project started that way, as did Recycle Cycles, Multicultural Cinema Club, and more.  Recently we have been talking about the idea of establishing affordable dental services for low income individuals - a great idea that we knew was a need, but has been inspired by a Dental Hygienist with a willingness to contribute.

This website is full of ideas that need support and depend on community contributions.  But we always feel that our supporters are an important part of the conversation that goes on every day - with people who come in our doors for assistance, with the volunteers who help make it possible, with the community in which we are based, and with the donors who help to make this work possible.

Recently we sat down with one donor who asked us  "what kind of projects do you need support for"?  We laid out some ideas, and came up with a project that was meaningful to that donor, and was extremely helpful for us.

So, please feel free to let us know if you would like to talk further about a potential donation.

Contact Joe at 519-743 1151 x 112 or email him at joe@theworkingcentre.org to start this conversation.